Published on 21 June 2017

National Gallery Singapore; Victoria Miro Gallery, London; David Zwirner, New York, ©Yayoi Kusama

It’s official! Singapore is dotty over Kusama (#sgloveskusama) with the snaking queues and sold-out tickets at National Gallery Singapore. Need something to read while waiting to enter the “YAYOI KUSAMA: Life is the Heart of a Rainbow” exhibition?  Here’s a quick interview with the acclaimed artist herself on how she feels about showing her works in Singapore.


What is your impression of Singapore?

Singapore is a country that I long for. I hear that it is the same island country as Japan, and has tropical weather and beautiful nature. I am very interested in Singapore, after learning about its multi-ethnicity, multi-culturalism, and the ever-growing power of the country.

How do you hope people in Singapore will receive your art?

I have been struggling with art over the past seven decades or so. I’m praying every day for “peace and love” on earth. With the power of art, I want to solve various problems existing in the world and work together with the people of other nations so we can celebrate humanity. I am trying to send this message, through my art, to the Singapore audience and to the universe.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists who want to pursue art full-time?

Please live your life with your best efforts. Please be enthusiastic about the universe and hymn of humanity. I advise you to endeavor to improve your philosophy as an artist. It is your role in this society to live every day, always with full of creativity and full of love and peace. Work towards peace and love, overcome the terrorisms and serious incidents happening around the world, and keep on sending your wonderful messages to the world.

YAYOI KUSAMA: Life is the Heart of the Rainbow will be held at National Gallery Singapore till 3 September 2017. Timed-entry tickets are issued for this special exhibition, so you are recommended to pre-order them online and collect them from the ticketing counter. Click here for more information.

Message from Yayoi Kusama

It is my great pleasure to hold a solo show at the National Gallery Singapore.

Everyday, I struggle intensely from morning to night to create artworks.

“Creation of art is a solitary pursuit”

As an artist, I am convinced this can only be achieved by struggling desperately and risking my life to inspire and share my passion with people around the world. This is my belief, and I want it to be delivered as my message throughout the world.

I want to keep fighting until my last breath. It is my most earnest wish and greatest pleasure to imagine that the slightest touch of my desire in creation, hope and passion towards art are sensed by everyone even after my death.

The fight stretches to infinity.

I want to create more artworks that are even more innovative. My sleepless nights are spent thinking of this. My desires for creation are longings for the unknown mystery. As an avant-garde artist I just want to fight to the end of the universe, until I expire.

From avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama with Love

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