Published on 6 April 2018

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Inside the Rehearsal Room: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Led by director Kim Pearce, “Inside the Rehearsal Room” takes participants on a journey of understanding how the creative team collaborated on the award-winning production, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, by the National Theatre. A play about an autistic young boy, Christopher, who is accused of killing his neighbour’s dog, the play explores the relationships Christopher has with his family, school and friends as he tries to solve the mystery of who is the true killer of his neighbour’s dog.

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The Secret

An adaption of Jay Chou’s film, Secret, the play features 25 of Jay Chou’s most popular songs, translated for the stage. The Secret is a story of time-travel and the romance of student and piano major, Xianglun, and beautiful but mysterious fellow student, Xiaoyu, as fate brings them together to learn the secret of their connection.

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Eliahu Inbal Mahler 6 by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra

Conducted by Eliahu Inbal, Mahler’s Mahler’s “Tragic Symphony”, which takes you on a moving and intensely personal journey through…. which was apparently written in one of the happiest times of his life, which is ironic considering how the initially tender slow movement eventually progresses into darker and darker themes.

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Xtraordinary Female Solos

Presenting distinctive works by 4 female choreographers – Simona Cieri (Italy), Won Kim (South Korea), Lo Pui Sze and Linnea Ong (Singapore), Xtraordinary Female Solos is a contemporary dance production that interweaves the identities and life stories of these female artists. Get ready for a mesmerising display filled with reflective moments and punctuated by energetic, pulsing moves.

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Visual Art

Angkor: Exploring Cambodia’s Sacred City. Masterpieces of the Musee national des arts asiatiques-Guimet.

See the sights and sounds of Angkor without booking a plane ticket! In this ACM exhibition, that is part of the Voilah! French Festival, visitors will see rare Khmer sculptures, along with French drawings, photographs, and memorabilia. Discover the story of the French encounter with Angkor and its emergence onto the world stage.

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Outsider: Fashion Art Festival (4th – 7th April 2018)

Exhibiting a different perspective of art and fashion, 20 fashion designers and artists from Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and the UK will be in town to join select Singaporean designers at this free-admission festival hosted at The Projector. Catch interactive installation ‘The Changing Room’ by Man Chien and Haiku Fever, where one’s thoughts can turn into a spontaneous poetry or a love poem for that special someone.

Drop by the festival to pick up a new statement piece and catch up with friends and family over a movie or drink at The Projector, as you indulge in an afternoon of fashion and art.

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The Nightingale

Performed by SRT’s The Little Company, The Nightingale is a family theatre production with catchy rhymes, tunes and lots of playful fun for kids and adults alike to enjoy. Enchanted by the lilting birdsong of the plain-looking, brown Nightingale, the Emperor of China captures and keeps her in a gilded cage for his daily entertainment. But soon, along with her freedom, the beautiful voice of the Nightingale is lost and she is replaced by a singing mechanical bird. Will she survive her days in captivity? Will she ever fly freely again? What happens when the mechanical bird fails? Join the Emperor and the Nightingale as they discover true friendship.

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