Published on 4 May 2018

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This week, spread your picnic blankets out for a thrilling evening under the stars with Shakespeare in the Park’s Julius Caesar, turn your kids into time-travellers at SAM’s family-friendly Imaginarium exhibition, or watch a mesmerising visualisation of obsessive compulsive disorder through dance at SIFA’s OCD Love performance!


Julius Caesar (2- 27 May)

Shakespeare in the Park makes its highly anticipated return in May 2018 with Julius Caesar. Ambition, power, and greed collide as the leaders of the R.O.M.E 7 countries gather for a summit and decide who their allies really are. As the weather grows increasingly foreboding, plots to assassinate the ever-ambitious Caesar are hatched. Catch this thrilling Shakespearean drama as it is brought to life in a modern day setting by the Singapore Repertory Theatre!

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Temporal (4 May)

Start your weekend on a groovy note! Immerse yourself in an atmospheric soundscape with Temporal. This showcase is a hypnotising mash-up of digital visual projection mapping by visual and light artist Flex; accompanied by electronic textural tunes by music producer and DJ Intriguant.

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Dance/ Poetry

Image courtesy of L-E-V

OCD Love (5-6 May)

Watch Israeli dance company L-E-V perfectly translate words into movement and rhythm in this stylistically abstract performance. The dance is inspired by the popular slam poetry piece by Neil Hilborn about love lost due to his obsessive- compulsive disorder.An intense journey of emotions, this piece tells the tale of two lovers who keep missing each other.

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Amek Gambar (5 May 2018 – 3 Feb 2019)

Go back in time and learn about the lives of Peranakans in the mid-1800s. Amek Gambar (‘taking pictures’ in Malay) showcases Peranakan history through a gallery of early photographs – the oldest example being a portrait of a Peranakan family taken circa 1857. This exhibition runs for 9 months from 5 May 2018.

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Imaginarium: Into The Space of Time (6 May – 26 Aug)

This family-friendly activity by Singapore Art Museum is sure to excite the time-travel-loving tots in your household. Immersive and interactive activities will engage adults and children alike. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable trip through time and space!

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