What’s On This Weekend: 20 to 22 July

Published on 19 July 2018

Love, loss and life are in the spotlight this week. Feel what it’s like to say goodbye to someone dear, hear the family stories behind the Vanda Miss Joaquim, experience the life of Tampines in a multi-sensorial way, and examine memories as artefacts through the eyes of the folks at the Singapore Art Museum.


A Samsui Love Story: A Food & Dance Affair (17 – 20 July)

Follow the love story of a Samsui woman and a satay street vendor, who meet by chance in war-torn Singapore.  What would love move like, if it could dance? What would love taste like, if it could be eaten?

Experience the joys and pangs of love like never before in this unique gastronomical and visual showcase by Chef Nixon Low and choreographer Naomi Tan of Project Plait.

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In Conversation: Exploring Permanent Conversations (20 July)

Hoarders, curators or story-collectors? The folks at the Singapore Art Museum have amassed more than 3,600 artworks since its opening.  That’s a hundred pieces for every year of your life if you’re 36 years old. What’s with the obsession? Come listen to the story collectors as they discuss their passions, challenges and surprises.

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Tuesdays with Morrie (20 – 22 July)

When was the last time you really felt alive? Get a taste of spiritual awakening in the Asian theatrical adaptation of Mitch Albom’s book.  Meet Morrie – sick, dying, yet full of life – and gain a deeper perspective of your life through the conversations Morrie had with a young man. Comes highly recommended by more than 200,000 people.

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A Lighter Side of History: Agnes and Her Amazing Orchid (21 July)

The Orchid is a flower, yes. But the Vanda Miss Joaquim is a person. Who is she? Join Linda Locke (Agnes Joaquim’s great-grandniece and author of Agnes and Her Amazing Orchid: How Vanda Miss Joaquim Became Singapore’s National Flower) – and the book’s editor Eldes Tran – for insights into how the woman inspired a children’s book

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Tampines Urban Arts Festival 2018 by PAssionArts (21 July)

Explore. Make. Mix. Paint. Sing along with the pioneers of local music like the Padres, Oddfellows, Kick! and Lovehunters.  Discover the sights, sounds and memories of what it means to live in Singapore’s third largest town. You can even create your own digital music or try out coffee painting.

See Our Tampines Hub being transformed by 1,000 batik umbrellas created by residents for the Payong Batik 1,000 Project. If you’re game for it, you can even make your own batik umbrella – which can then be exchanged for a 5kg bag of rice to benefit needy families.

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