Published on 15 January 2018

Credit: Dick Lee's Facebook

The renowned choir known for its angelic sound will be going around Singapore doing workshops and performances.

By Melanie Lee

The Vienna Boys Choir will be spending some quality time in Singapore from 11 – 15 January 2018 in an inaugural programme known as the Singapore Vienna Boys Choir (SVBC) Week. In previous trips, the choir had only come here for one-off performances. This time round, there are also workshops, masterclasses, and discussions conducted for conductors, teachers, singers and parents.

There are currently 100 choristers of 30 nationalities in the Vienna Boys Choir between the ages of 9-14, and they are divided into four touring choirs. Each choir spends 9 – 11 weeks on tour every year, singing everything from Viennese music, children’s operas or traditional folksongs from around the world. For the first time, the choir will be singing something by a Singaporean composer – Home by Dick Lee!

The A List managed to have a chance to have a brief chat with the Vienna Boys Choir (VBC) and their choirmaster Luiz de Godoy (LG), who tell us a bit more about their life along the road.

What are your impressions of Singapore?

VBC: The buildings are very pretty and interesting, with colourful lights at night. It is also a very clean city with many high-tech things.

How did you know you wanted to sing?

VBC: Always singing along to songs played on the radio, or singing with friends. Enjoyed singing in a choir in school.

How do you feel about singing with other choirs in Singapore?

VBC: Excited because singing with other choirs from other parts of the world is like a breath of fresh air. It is a huge collaboration, so it is nice to see all these young people like us who like music as well.

How do you protect your voice?

LG: The Choir’s routine of practicing everyday keeps their voices strong. They generally avoid ice-cream and try not to eat chocolate just before a performance. Ideally, we try to avoid cold rooms, which is quite difficult in Singapore because the air-conditioning is very strong! Overall, we believe that a healthy voice comes about with a healthy body and mind.

Credit: Vienna Boys Choir in Singapore Facebook Page

Don’t miss out on the grand finale of the Singapore Vienna Boys’ Choir Week with the “Coming Together to Sing with Vienna Boys Choir” concert taking place on Mon, 15 Jan 2018, 7.30pm at Esplanade Concert Hall. Here, local school choirs will be joining the boys in a rousing performance. Click here for more information.

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