Published on 8 March 2017

Photo: Ning: Mind Magic Mistress

Remember ‘Magic Babe’ Ning and the ripple she created in the local and international magic scene with her physical death defying stunts? She’s now back with a mysterious new persona – Ning: Mind Magic Mistress, a fascinating character specialising in mind reading, mentalism and psychological manipulation.

While she’s been away from the professional magic scene for the past 2.5 years, Ning Cai will be stepping back in the spotlight by being the first Asian magician to perform at the South Tyneside International Magic Festival in the United Kingdom from 17-19 March 2017.

“I have been approached so many times to come out of ‘retirement’ and the lure to make a comeback and perform again for the people who have enjoyed my brand of magic was just too strong. My new show, Mind Magic Mistress, is reflective of my relationship with magic, and the woman I have become. You can call this Ning 2.0 and I hope that audiences will enjoy my new intellectual yet playful approach towards modern day entertainment,” said Cai.

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