Published on 19 February 2018

Image courtesy of Franck Pelletier

March promises to be a lit month with the sixth edition of sustainable light festival i Light Marina Bay.

By: Melanie Lee

i Light Marina Bay 2018 will feature 22 dazzling light art installations featuring energy-saving lighting as well as recycled and environmentally-friendly materials. These works from Singapore and around the world are meant to inspire visitors to adopt sustainable habits in their everyday lives.

Here are some highlights from this vibrant festival:


Image courtesy of William Kwan and Kenny Chia

By William Kwan and Kenny Chia (DP Design) (Singapore)

This series of swinging spheres illuminates upon impact and energy transference using micro-generator technology. Inspired by Newton’s cradle, visitors get to become sources of kinetic energy, which then gets converted into power to illuminate these mesmerising spheres.


Image courtesy of BP Loh

By BP Loh (Singapore)

Architect BP Loh uses 2,000 recycled milk bottles (or equivalent to seven months’ worth of plastic waste generated by an individual) to create life-sized installations cows and calves “grazing” a grass field. The installation, using everyday objects in an unfamiliar way, is a metaphor to imagine new technologies and behaviours for a sustainable future.


Image courtesy of Franck Pelletier

By Franck Pelletier (France)

Couples will love the giant gleaming red inflatable heart giving off a distinctive romantic aura in the city. What’s interesting is that this heart pulses according to the light, temperature and atmospheric pressure of its surroundings, which means it will need all your love vibes to keep it going!


Image courtesy of Yuree Hong and Siyoung Kim

By Yuree Hong & Siyoung Kim (South Korea)

Immerse yourself in a larger-than-life grass field that is seemingly swaying in the wind. The glowing grass blades are of differing heights, with some standing straight and some wobbling in the wind or with artificial movements. This installation symbolises Singapore, where diverse people live in harmony.


Image courtesy of amigo and amigo

By amigo and amigo (Australia)

Get the beat going with this interactive Octopus light installation with a tentacle percussion ensemble. Visitors are required to “activate” the drums, and when all eight drums are played together, the steampunk-inspired Octopoda will start moving mechanically and presenting a resplendent rhythmic light display.


Photo credit to Colossal Pro

While this is not an art installation per se, there’s still plenty of glowing happening at this neon fun run on Sun, 31 Mar 2018. Participants will be doused in 2,500 litres of colourful neon glow water and become luminous “movable art” figures along the Marina Bay waterfront. At the end of the run, you can chill out at ILLUMI Bar featuring LED-lit “furniture” using plastic tanks. Join in the shimmery fun by registering for this run here.

i Light Marina Bay will be on from 9 Mar – 1 Apr 2018 around the Marina Bay waterfront and Esplanade Park. It is open from 7.30pm – 11pm daily, with extended hours to 12 midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Click here for more information.

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