Questioning Discipline at Discipline the City

Published on 30 August 2017

Discipline the City examines the question of control, access and politics of space. Discipline the City is also The Substation’s artistic theme of 2017. With such annual themes, The Substation delves into societal issues by initiating cultural conversations and showing the public how contemporary art can shape public discourse.

“Our founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, is also often called the Architect of Singapore. He understood how important the visuality of the city was. In a city that is constantly erasing and redefining itself, I think it’s really necessary to have a larger, national conversation,” says Alan Oei, Artistic Director of The Substation.

The three-month exhibition takes place in three acts (23 August – 24 September, 4 – 22 October & 1- 26 November) with the involvement of visual artists, performance artists and punks providing a variety of public programmes and events. Here are just some of the thought-provoking programmes lined up:

An Evolving Art Gallery

Photo: The Substation

This contemporary art platform showcases works that reveal how disciplinary design affects human movement. It has both a permanent segment and an evolving component that changes with each act. Featured artists include Sai Hua Kuan, Debbie Ding, Tan Pin Pin and Pat Toh.

Persuasive Design Agency

Photo: The Substation

Discipline the City co-curator Joshua Comaroff and his designers from Lekker Architects will be posted at a functioning temporary office where they will propose solutions to design problems posed by the public. There will be drawing, design, and physical models including 3D printing of prototypes.

Punk Museum

Photo: The Substation

This unusual gallery subverts the typical celebratory tone of a museum by telling a story of punk culture’s failure, loss and defiance in the city. Each month, a different punk will occupy the sace to use for their own purpose and without restriction. The punks taking up residence are Anjingsal, punk couple Amin and Mimie, and bandmates Hafiz and Izzad.

Guided Tours: All Curators are B________

Photo: The Substation

Given The Substation’s strong connection to local punk culture, there will also be a series of ticketed guided tours within The Substation’s spaces led by punks who take on different personas with fascinating stories. These tours take place during the weekends of each Act. The curators are portrayed by Dew M. Chaiyanara and Siti Z, Murali, Shaiful Risan, Farez Najid, and Vanessa, in collaboration with theatre practitioner Tan Liting.

Discipline the City Exhibition is on till 26 November 2017 at The Substation. Click here for more information.

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