Published on 13 February 2018

The Ferdinand Brothers – Mel, Joe, Dixie and Don – tell us more about why their Gypsy fans are still sticking around after over 30 years.

By: Melanie Lee

How do you feel about doing a reunion concert at Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay next month?

It is the continuation of a lifelong journey that has allowed us complete and total freedom to develop and evolve as musicians. We are grateful to the fans for allowing us to do so for over 30 glorious years. It is also a wonderful feeling to have everyone back on the same stage again.

What will you be playing then? 

We will be revisiting most of our well-loved hits in a futuristic fashion based on our present state of mind. Some old favourites, some new ones, and of course plenty of harmonies – this is what we’re best known for.

What do your fans tell you about what they remember of Gypsy? 

They tell us that our music reminds them of special moments in their past. Many long-lasting friendships and relationships were formed throughout the time Gypsy rocked the stage night after night tirelessly and endlessly. Gypsy is a celebration of all our lives. Many fans have shared what certain songs have meant to them during that period of their lives.

How do you resolve creative differences as brothers playing together in a band?

An individualistic outlook and a personal approach of each member that make the collective known as Gypsy a truly unique band. Everyone brings something to the table, and it is the sum of all parts that add up to something even bigger.

What advice would you give to young aspiring musicians on how to keep a band with staying power like Gypsy?

Realise that the memories belong to your audience as much as they do to you. Your music can help them unearth memories that they enjoy looking back upon. At the same time, continue to build new memories for yourself and for your audience.

The Gypsy Reunion is showing on Sat 11 March 2018 at Esplanade Theatre Studio. Their 5pm show that day is already sold out, but an additional 1pm show has been added and there are limited tickets left for this one. Mel Ferdinand will also be with his daughter, Gabrielle on Thurs 8 Mar with “Mel & Gabrielle Ferdinands” at the Esplanade Concourse. These programmes come under the umbrella of “A Date with Friends” (8 – 11 Mar), a festival targeted at seniors with performances revolving around the good ol’ days. Click here for more information.

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