Profile: Adrian Pang

Published on 7 July 2015

Actor Adrian Pang is a man who knows his passion, purpose and priorities.

BY pamela ho

Adrian Pang guffaws when he realises he’s referred to Mr and Mrs Lee Kuan Yew — lead roles played by himself and actress Sharon Au in The LKY Musical — as “Mr and Mrs Pang”. But the actor is swift with the recovery.

“Research going into recreating Mr and Mrs Lee’s relationship on stage shows Mrs Lee was very much his equal. Tracie and I, what we’re doing, it’s very much a partnership,” states Pang, artistic director of Pangdemonium, a theatre company he founded with his wife, Tracie Pang, in 2009.

Pang is a Law graduate from Keele University in the United Kingdom, where he lived and worked for 14 years, mostly as an actor. “Trying to find my place in an industry where I was very much an outsider gave a perspective to my decision to return to Singapore in 2001. I felt this is where I could continue my work and hopefully, make some kind of impact.”

And impact he did — through stellar performances on stage, television and film. At the Life! Theatre Awards, Pang earned Best Actor nominations for The Full Monty and Dealer’s Choice, among others; Best Supporting Actor nominations for Forbidden City and Twelfth Night; and is a three-time Best Actor Award winner for his work in The Dresser, Much Ado About Nothing and Rabbit Hole.

He shares that starting Pangdemonium was a dream come true. “While we challenge ourselves to try different genres, there’s a strand that links our stories: they deal with ordinary people forced to make life-changing decisions. It’s about living meaningful lives and cherishing things important to us. Tracie and I, we share a need to tell these kinds of stories.”

Come 2016, the company aims to stage their first original production. “We’ve been wanting to do this for the longest time. It was just a matter of finding a subject matter we both felt strongly about. And we’ve found it!” discloses Pang. He’s reluctant to reveal more, but adds that it touches on perceptions of family — a topic close to his heart.
“My family is the most precious thing in the world to me!” he declares. “As far as possible, we involve our boys, Zach and Xander, in the work we do.

“I always tell the boys, if you find something you absolutely love to do, and you’re lucky enough to create an opportunity to do that for a living, and touch people in the process, then you’re the luckiest person in the world,” the doting dad asserts. “It may not make you very rich, but there are things money can’t buy.”

The LKY Musical plays at MasterCard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands, 24 July to 16 August (previews from 21 July).

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