Play: The Highest Form of Research

Published on 2 August 2018

“Play is the highest form of research” screams the neon pink scrawl on one of the walls of the Keepers Playground of Infinite Happiness.

Located on the ground floor of the National Design Centre, this playground is a “let loose and be-a child-again” wonderland.

Both art installation and retail experience, it is curated by Carolyn Kan (founder of Keepers and Carrie K.) and SKL0 (Founder, Creative Director of Project XIV, better known as Singapore’s Sticker Lady).

Now, there’s magic in finding curios yourself – or with the help of the friendly Keepers assistants who are everywhere.

But if you really must know now, here are the best bits:

  1. Play “HDB void deck” ping-pong in the two-story House of Happie.

    ‘House of Happie’: an interdisciplinary collaboration between architects and 32 artists such as Allison M Low, Friendly Jerry, Yellow Mushmellow and Mary Bernadette brought together by Project XIV led by SKL0, also known as Sam Lo the sticker lady, AD Labs, Lightrus and Tyvek…the list goes on.
  1. Reflect on your worldview while admiring the details of the monochrome paper city installation as it morphs into a garden of life and colour.

    Artwork ‘Live’ by Papypress
  1. Wish yourself out of the city. Meditate to waves lapping, rain drizzling, crickets buzzing and other auditory treats of nature.

    Forgotten melodies: by Paperspace

5. Stitch your mark on the community embroidery featuring our oh-so-well-known Singapore playgrounds.

Embroidery by Kae Hana
  1. Close your eyes and savour Butterknife Folk’s interpretation of a national dish in an ice cream scoop.

    Butterknife folk

How long has it been since you last played?

The Playground of Infinite Happiness runs until 5 August 2018 at National Design Centre from 11am to 9pm. To find out more, please visit the Keepers Playground of Infinite Happiness website.

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