Never Too Late

Published on 26 January 2017

By Melanie Lee

Just because you’re no longer a student doesn’t mean that learning more about the arts has to end. In fact, there are plenty of arts classes out there for novices to explore, so it doesn’t matter if you’re not an arts practitioner. Whether it’s pursuing a childhood love of singing or painting, or perhaps even learning to make something new from scratch, being a lifelong arts learner is sure to add more colour and pizazz to your life.

Philosophers & Fashionistas

LaSalle COLLEGE OF THE ARTS Personal Enrichment and Development Courses

Lasalle has lined up a quirky range of creative classes, conducted by their own instructors and lecturers, during weekday nights and weekends specially for the full-time office worker. For those who love getting cerebral with art, film and/or music, taking ‘A History of Western Art’, ‘Asian Film History: An Introduction’ or ‘History of Rock and Roll’ class would definitely build up some cultural cred. If you want to take it up an altruistic notch, there’s even an ‘Exploring Art Therapy’ course offered. However, if you’re more aesthetically inclined, there are fashion-related courses that will guide you towards designing and even making your own clothes (see: ‘Fashion Illustration’, ‘Draping and Sewing for Fashion Design’, ‘Design and Construction of Men’s Jacket’). For more information:

Blank Canvas

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) Short Courses

NAFA, Singapore’s oldest art school, offers a variety of weekly visual art courses taught by practicing artists. There are the more traditional art classes such as ‘Western Painting (Oil)’, ‘Techniques in Watercolour’ and ‘Charcoal Drawing’, but there are also some pretty unconventional offerings such as ‘Creating Your Own Children’s Picture Books’, ‘Sustainable Living in Interior Design’ and ‘Mobile Media Branding and Design’. For more information:

Bust a Move

Dance Factory

If you’re looking for beginner dance classes that are more high-energy, Dance Factory has around 16 studio branches throughout the heartlands for the young-at-heart to boogie to their favourite contemporary music. Dance Factory has hip-hop, K-Pop, street jazz, and B-boy dance classes. There are even special learn-by-song K-Pop classes where you can learn how to dance to a specific number over a few weeks. For more information:

Prancing Around

Dance Arts

This established dance studio offers non-syllabus dance classes so you can participate and wear your dancing shoes pressure-free. Dance Arts offers ballet, tap, Broadway jazz, contemporary jazz and lyrical jazz classes so you can finally get a little closer to moving like Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers. Best of all, you’re getting some exercise while having fun. For more information:

Through the Lens

Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film

If you want to take your visual-recording skills beyond mood filters or food shots on Instagram, why not sign up for a photography or film course at Objectifs? While there are courses to improve your technical expertise such as ‘Lightroom for Photographers’, ‘Edit Your Work’ and ‘HD Digital Film-making’, there are also courses which help you create more interesting visual stories such as ‘Street Photography’ and ‘Scriptwriting’. Objectifs also holds public talks, exhibitions and film screenings regularly, creating a vibrant space for aspiring photographers and film-makers in Singapore. For more information:

Hands-on Fun

Goodman Ceramic Studio & Goodman Glass Studio

Always wanted to make your own plates, mugs, bowls or figurines? Goodman offers a variety of foundational and specialist classes to get you crafty with ceramics. What is good about this studio is that you don’t have to sign up for a full course if you’re not sure if you can commit to it. Instead, you can book single one-and-a-half hour trial throwing and hand-building sessions to give you a taste of being a clay artist. Their sister glass studio offers art glass fusing workshops where you can make pretty ornamental beads, trays and coasters. For more information:

The Sound of Music

The Vocal Studio

If you’ve always loved crooning in the shower, there’s now the possibility of taking your pipes beyond the bathroom after going through contemporary vocal lessons at The Vocal Studio. After being taught founder Lauren Dogan’s unique diaphragm breathing method, singing becomes more effortless and students develop more confidence in pitch accuracy, tonal quality, projection and stage craft. There is even the option of a flexi-lesson arrangement to work around your busy schedule. Who knows? You might just be the next Susan Boyle! For more information:

Check out your neighbourhood CCs as well!

The People’s Association also offers a wide variety of arts-related classes such as cartoon pencil sketching, Hokkien opera, and ballet in community clubs island-wide. Visit for more information.

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