Published on 7 January 2018

Light to Night Festival

The Light to Night Festival is back this month with plenty of dazzling public art at the Civic District


Light to Night Festival started out in 2016 as an anniversary celebration event by National Gallery Singapore. It has since blossomed to become a precinct-wide arts festival with 30 programmes over 10 days. The festival is also one of the marquee events of this year’s Singapore Art Week!

Says festival director Suenne Megan Tan, “We wanted to extend this experience beyond the walls of these timeless monuments and into the public spaces for a multi-generational audience to gather and enjoy art around them.”

Not sure where to start? We give you the lowdown on the fascinating things to catch!


Art Skins on Monuments

“Art Skins on Monuments”
19 – 28 Jan 2018, 8pm onwards
National Gallery Singapore, Asian Civilisations, The Arts House, Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall

Don’t miss out on the biggest façade light show in Singapore with vibrant light projections on four cultural institutions – National Gallery Singapore, Asian Civilisations Museum, The Arts House and Victoria Theatre & Victoria Concert Hall. Curated by Brandon Tay and Safuan Johari, there will be 30 design images created by Singapore and Singapore-based artists such as Samantha Lo, Speak Cryptic and Lucinda Law. Enjoy these light shows from The Padang, where there’ll be Art X Social, a sprawling picnic ground featuring over 80 food and craft stalls.


House of Mirrors

“House of Mirrors”
19 -28 Jan 2018, various timings
Empress Lawn
Timed admission of 15min/person at $2 each. Tickets available onsite.

Think of the Instagrammable possibilities with this trippy house-sized kaleidoscope by Melbourne artists Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney. Your reflection can be a shadow, ghost, stranger and constant companion – sometimes, all at the same time!


Walk, Walk, Walk - Search, Deviate, Reunite (Credit: National Gallery Singapore)

“Walk, Walk, Walk: Search Deviate, Reunite”
5 Jan – 12 August 2018
National Gallery Singapore

This gorgeous digital installation by teamLab embodies the introspective human journey towards enlightenment. The zen-like, almost magical environment is set up in a manner such that the ambling figures respond to a visitor’s movement, body heat and voice. Mixing human interaction with virtual characters, the boundary between real and unreal becomes blurred. Tip: If you tap on the digital “people”: on the wall, they might turn back to look!


“Trip to the Colourscape”
19 – 28 Jan 2018, 8pm onwards
Esplanade Park Tunnel and Esplanade Park

Singapore-based lighting design collective Nipek has spruced up the iconic tunnel leading people from Empress Place to Queen Elizabeth Walk (Esplanade Park) with vibrant hues of coloured lights and shadows. Continuing the festive atmosphere over at Esplanade Park, there will also be All Things New – live local music on Fridays and Saturdays during the Light to Night Festival featuring up-and-coming musicians.


Credit: The Arts House

“A Novel Idea”
 19 -20 Jan 2018, 7.30pm – 8pm & 9pm – 9.30pm
The Arts House Playden

Here’s a quieter, but no less entertaining programme for those who might need some respite from the surrounding stimuli of the festival: hear one of these three classic novels read aloud by acclaimed theatre practitioners –  1984, Frankenstein or The Great Gatsby at The Arts House. This special staged reading is directed by Samantha Scott-Blackhall and performed by Janice Koh and Daniel Jenkins. The audience each night will vote for the book to be read out. Click here to register for this free event.


Room 206 by Anita Kan

“Sonic Blossom”
19 Jan – 16 Feb 2018
National Gallery Singapore

Taiwanese artist Lee Mingwei’s participatory installation involves a classically-trained opera singer approaching a visitor at the National Gallery, offering to sing for him or her by asking, “May I give you a gift?”. If the visitor accepts, he or she will be guided to a chair opposite the singer, who will perform short Lieder (art songs) by Franz Schubert. What a lovely way to enhance the appreciation of art in all its forms!

Light to Night Festival 2018: Colour Sensations will take place from 19 – 28 Jan 2018 at the Civic District. Click here for more information.

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