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Published on 22 November 2015

As our Jubilee year draws to a close, we check out a physical legacy that’s here to stay.


The tumultuous and triumphant history of Singapore over the last five decades has been chronicled and celebrated in myriad ways this past year. As the celebrations wind down, a tangible memory of this SG50 journey will be encapsulated in the form of a commemorative walk.

The Jubilee Walk will be launched on 29 November in conjunction with the SG50 Jubilee Big Walk, jointly presented by the People’s Association and The New Paper. About 25,000 people are expected to participate in this 5km mass walk, a one-off event that will take them through a section of the full 8km trail.

Photo: National Heritage Board

From the National Museum of Singapore and Fort Canning Park (which marks Singapore’s beginnings as a trading hub in the 14th century) through the Civic Core, past the revamped Asian Civilisations Museum along the Singapore River and the National Gallery Singapore, to the new Jubilee Bridge at Marina Bay, to Gardens by the Bay and Marina Barrage, this trail takes you through the past, present and future of our Singapore Story.

Photo: National Heritage Board

“It will commemorate how we, an improbable nation, have come so far together despite the odds, and thrived by working together,” said Lawrence Wong, former Minister of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY), when he first made the announcement on the Jubilee Walk in October 2014. The project is a collaborative effort across various agencies, including MCCY, National Heritage Board, National Parks Board, National Arts Council (NAC) and the Urban Redevelopment Authority.


Following its launch, the Jubilee Walk is accessible to the public at any time without cost. There are ground markers tracing out the 8km route, and monument markers identifying the 25 historic and iconic sites along the way.

The tech-savvy can download the Singapore Time Walk app. Developed by Google as an SG50 gift to Singapore, this phone app allows you to extract more information about the location and interact with the landmark on-site by using the app to see historic images and animations overlaid on the modern view.

Photo: Baet Yeok Kuan

Other highlights en route include specially commissioned public art works by the NAC’s Public Art Trust: Baet Yeok Kuan’s ‘24 Hours in Singapore’ (sponsored by the Real Estate Developers’ Association of Singapore and located near Asian Civilisations Museum), ‘The Rising Moon’ by Cultural Medallion recipient Han Sai Por and Kum Chee-Kiong (Esplanade Park), and Young Artist Award recipient Tan Wee Lit’s ‘Cloud Nine: Raining’ (sponsored by Marina Bay Sands and located by the mouth of the Singapore River).

To best enjoy the experience, dress comfortably and bring along water. Also, do a little research before embarking on the trail to customise a route suitable for you. Happy trails!

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