Local Band TypeWriter Launches EP After 7 Years

Published on 4 September 2017

Singaporean indie pop underground quintet TypeWriter is launching their new five-song EP What You’re Feeling is Not Enough this Saturday (9 September). This is a follow-up to their debut album – Indian Head Massage in 2010.

Formed in 2001, TypeWriter is known for their unabashedly honest songwriting. With these new tracks, the band returns with a more invigorating sound palette while still retaining that emotional fortitude.

The band comprises Yee Chang Kang (vocals/guitar/harmonica), Patrick Chng (guitar/vocals), Desmond Goh (bass/vocals), Alan Bok (keys/guitar) and Robin Chua (drums).

Meanwhile, TypeWriter’s single Sorry I Got Carried Away from their upcoming EP was released on Spotify and other digital streaming sites recently. This track revolves around the theme of remaining hopeful despite not fitting in with the societal norms. With this song, TypeWriter goes beyond their familiar power pop sound with catchy musical hooks and a brooding soundscape. Here’s the music video:

What You’re Feeling is Not Enough – EP Launch by TypeWriter will be on Saturday, 9 September, 7pm at Esplanade Annexe Studio. Tickets are on sale here.

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