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Published on 15 November 2018

Artist Tatsuo Miyajima’s Mega Death at the exhibition, Minimalism: Space. Light. Object, invites the viewer to consider life, death, renewal and perhaps, what ultimately counts. (Photos: Claudio Chock)

Xavier Toh

Enter Minimalism: Space. Light. Object., the new exhibition at the National Gallery Singapore and ArtScience Museum, and you will find more than 150 sleek, minimalist works of art.

Simplicity is often thought of as lacking deep significance. Yet the exercise in simplicity at the Minimalism exhibition left us more keenly aware of the works, as well as ourselves.

It is said that Minimalist art, whose origins trace back to the 1950s, is what the viewer makes of it. So, here’s our Millennialist take on art, life and everything in between, inspired by the works in the show.

Left to right: Tomlinson Court Park (Second Version) by Frank Stella, Wall Drawing #338 by Sol LeWitt, and Incomplete open cube series by LeWitt.

Read between the lines, or risk getting caught in the middle, with an incomplete picture.

Left to right: Tan Ping’s 60 x 60, on the wall, and Donald Judd’s Untitled (Six Boxes); Olafur Eliasson’s Seu corpo da obra (Your Body of Work); Richard Long’s Ring of Stones, and Jeppe Hein’s Moving Neon Cube.

To find the missing pieces, filter out the negative, and leave no stone unturned.

Left to right: Dan Flavin's "monuments" for V. Tatlin series, and Untitled by Robert Morris.

Turn to the light and let your ideas take flight.

Left to right: Impenetrable by Mona Hatoum, Infinite Situation I (Window) by Kishio Suga, and Neon Lights Installations by Peter Kennedy.

Don’t get entangled, boxed in, or see things only through rose-tinted glasses.

Left to right: 16-Sided Open Polygon by Walter De Maria, Sunflower Seeds by Ai Weiwei, and "Untitled" (Golden) by Felix Gonzalez-Torres.

Find your bearings, look over the horizon, and discover what lies beyond.


Details on Minimalism: Space. Light. Object. here. Read our other article on the show here.

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