Published on 2 February 2017

By: Melanie Lee

If there’s a song in your heart just waiting to burst out of you, going for the CLAPPS Songwriting Conference 2017 this February might just provide the inspiration with acclaimed music personalities such as Dick Lee, Corrine May, Art Fazil and Kenn C. sharing their experiences with the songwriting craft and the local music industry.

CLAPPS stands for Composers, Lyricists, Arrangers, Performers and Producers in Singapore, and is initiated by the Musicians Guild of Singapore, whom singer Rani Singam is the director of. She believes that having such a songwriting conference provides the platform for “newbie” aspirants and seasoned practitioners to share and learn from one other. “The past few years have seen the rise of many new groups who have attracted a large following. This is indeed an encouraging sign that a younger generation is taking towards songwriting as a viable means of livelihood,” she says.

Dick Lee and Corrine May will be holding masterclasses in songwriting, while Art Fazil and Kenn C will be giving industry talks about the music business in Singapore, covering topics such as marketing and being up-to-date with the latest trends.

The CLAPPS Songwriting Conference 2017 is open to the public. For more information on the conference fees and the programme, click here.

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