In Good Company

Published on 26 September 2017

Photo: Emergency Stairs

Liu Xiaoyi helms new theatre company.

The Singapore theatre scene welcomes Emergency Stairs 避难阶段 — a non-profit, intercultural, experimental theatre company that’s been newly founded by the 2016 NAC Young Artist Award recipient, Liu Xiaoyi. In Japanese-Kanji, 避难阶段 literally means ‘fire exit stairs’, suggesting that theatre-making in a modern city is often a form of seeking refuge. “Our style of theatre is experimental rather than commercial, poetic rather than merely narrative, and thought-provoking rather than entertaining,” says Liu, whose works challenge norms and artistic boundaries, redefine roles of actors and audiences, and provoke debate and discourse. The new company is supported by the NAC Seed Grant scheme till 31 March 2020.

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