Published on 24 November 2017

Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME) is currently working on a book with firsthand stories written by domestic workers and it needs your help in getting it published!

The book, which is titled “Our Home, Our Stories”, contain the stories from 30 Singapore-based domestic workers from Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines and India. The contributors have worked together with volunteer writing coaches to tell compelling stories about why they choose to leave home, how they adapt to their lives in Singapore and working with good and bad employers.

Says contributor Bhing Navato, “Having my story and experiences included in this book feels like I’m serving the purpose of helping my fellow domestic workers. I hope this book will give readers some knowledge of the reality of a domestic worker’s life.”

HOME is currently crowdfunding for the publication for this book which they hope to release on 8 March 2018 to tie in with International Women’s Day. Click here for more information.

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