Fresh Start

Published on 2 January 2017

By: Melanie Lee

As the eventful year of 2016 came to a close, ten local artists took stock and shared with The A List their hopes for the year ahead. 



Photo: Christopher Yong

Freelance Actor

I think I speak for many people when I say that my resolution for the year is to FOCUS. I’m easily distracted by a gazillion things, which is partly why I started acting in the first place. But to bring things to the next level, I’m going to zoom in on video production and levelling up my Mandarin in 2017.


Photo: Clara Chow


Author of Dream Storeys

My resolution for 2017 is the same one I’ve had for the past two years: Write 500 words a day. Things start to slide pretty fast, which is why I keep recycling this one. My other resolution is, ‘Be thankful for everything, because soon there will be nothing.’ I stole it from a notebook cover. It’s a strange mix of positivity and paranoia, which is how I tend to live my life.


Photo: Darren Soh


Architectural and Landscape Photographer

I have no lofty resolutions for the new year – just a hope that I continue to have time and energy to photograph all the dying and disappearing buildings and spaces in Singapore. Many of them are up for demolition in 2017 and whilst we can’t possibly save all of them, we can make as many good images of them as possible.


Photo: Don Bosco


Kidlit Author and Publisher, Super Cool Books

Encourage more people to write stories and get their work published. Cut down on the chocolate. Attend more events.



Photo: Ethel Yap



Release my debut EP. Take care of myself better – eat well, rest well and move well. Serve others in humility




Photo: Gwen Lee


Co-founder and Director of DECK and Singapore International Photography Festival

I have many detailed goals but mostly, I hope to grow personally, particularly in the area of leadership and helping my small team to grow. I would like to see DECK grow from a local to international platform, connecting with more audience.


Photo: Eric Ng, Shooting Gallery Asia


Film Producer

My New Year’s resolution is to work with more exciting writers and directors to tell Singaporean stories. Hopefully, these stories will help us understand ourselves better and we can become a more empathetic, inclusive and tolerant society.


Photo: Shabir Tabare Alam


Music Artist

After breaking into the Tamil film music industry this year, I wish to devote more time to the process of creating work that shows craftsmanship, imagination and excellence without losing the fun in it. I also want to take my school, Shabir Music Academy, to the next level by introducing new courses that groom students to become great musicians and artists.


Tang Ling Nah, One-Winged Angel – A Self Portrait.


Visual Artist

Besides exercising more and eating healthier, I hope to reduce my coffee intake! Workwise, I’d like to develop new works for a solo exhibition. This includes completing a docu-fiction titled Dreaming in Black and White, and launching it in November 2017. The film explores my artistic journey, and is directed by Lei Yuan Bin.


Photo: Zakaria Zainal


Independent Photographer

I would like to approach every day with greater curiosity and compassion towards those around me. I would also like to prepare more healthy meals at home and learn recipes from my mum.


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