Published on 27 July 2017

These local talents make handwriting so hip on Instagram! They tell us why they picked up that (calligraphy) pen and paper.

By Melanie Lee

Dorothea Chow, 36

“I started calligraphy in November 2015 as I wanted to set up an online shop selling my paper crafts. From the very first workshop I attended, I was hooked to this beautiful form of writing. Initially, I found my calligraphy very rigid and amateurish, but after a lot of practice, I was happy to see myself improve. Besides taking on customised calligraphy work, I currently conduct brush calligraphy workshops at Artify Studio and also sell a basic brush calligraphy kit ($39) to help others get started on this hobby. It’s heartwarming to see my “students” come up with their own pieces! @dottieshop_sg

Dorothea’s go-to calligraphy supplies: Pentel Art Brush Pen, Brushables, ZIG Clean Colour Real, Pentel Fude Touch Pen Brush and thick paper

Ivory, 35

“As a mother of two, calligraphy has become my me-time in the midst of this parenting journey. It allows me to slow down and find joy in creating beautiful work. Through Instagram, I have found my calligraphy community, some of whom have become friends I can discuss techniques and tools with. Calligraphy has made me appreciate the art of handwriting, especially in this digital age. I take on commissioned work, and it always brings me joy when new queries come in through recommendations by ex-clients.” @sowinlovecalligraphy

Ivory’s go-to calligraphy supplies: A nib, black Sumi ink, gold inks such as the Finetac Palette

Naomi Anneliese, 25

“I’ve been doing calligraphy for four years. I was attracted to how something as simple as writing can be enhanced in such a beautiful way. Unlike what many may think, calligraphy is not hard. It is essentially a series of repetitive strokes and with enough quality practice, you will improve. Learning calligraphy has instilled patience and discipline in my personal life. I currently run Nehohmee, where we do beginner workshops and customised jobs such as envelope addressing and aisle runners at weddings.” @nehohmee

Naomi’s go-to calligraphy supplies: Pentel Touch, watercolour paper, pencil

Rachel Koh, 23

My love of reading and writing is what drew me to calligraphy. Since I was young, I would copy out passages from my favourite prose or poem to appreciate the meaning and beauty of the words. I tend towards ‘chronic overthinking’, and calligraphy allows me to clear my mind from the daily grind, similar to how one might destress from meditation or yoga. Through social media, I’m pen pals with calligraphers from all over the world. Few people take time to sit down and pen letters to each other, and I really love the warmth that calligraphy lends to words – you get that individual touch of the sender. @letteringinphosphenes

Rachel’s go-to calligraphy supplies: Metallic watercolour paints by Finetac, Pearl Ex powdered pigments, Hunt 101 and the Blanzy 2552 nibs

Yahui Lin, 43

“I was looking at photos on scrapbooking and came across these beautiful calligraphic letterings. I started following a few Instagrammers whose calligraphy I liked and started practicing on my own. I write almost every day, and my favourite letterings are the ones I do on scrap paper. It’s probably because there’s no pressure to ‘perform’ on such paper! I work fulltime so calligraphy is very much a hobby for me. However, I’ve been involved in a few public events and have been commissioned by brands and companies to do Instagram posts for them. I’ve also done a lot of customised cards and designed a book cover too! @yayacolours

Yahui’s go-to calligraphy supplies: Pentel Aquash waterbrush and Sumi ink from Daiso

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