Published on 26 February 2017

Singapore’s youth Chinese Orchestra gets name change to reflect status.

By Pamela Ho

From 2017, the Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra will be known as the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra (SNYCO). The change of name is in line with efforts to promote its status as the only national youth Chinese orchestra in Singapore. Along with a newly defined vision, mission and set of values, the SNYCO also boasts a new logo — with the ‘y’ done with a bold brushstroke and neon yellow to illustrate its youthful vibrancy and innovation. Managed by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra Company Limited, the SNYCO is recognised by the Ministry of Education under the National Project of Excellence. Concerts scheduled for 2017 include Dauntless Spirit — SNYCO & SCO Annual Concert (18 March) and SNYCO Annual Concert (22 July).

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