Taiwan 4 Divas 台湾4大歌后

Taiwan 4 Divas 台湾4大歌后

Taiwan 4 Divas 台湾4大歌后.

Synopsis Taiwan 4 Divas concert brings together the four popular Taiwan singers namely Fang Rui Er 方瑞娥, Wu Xiu Zhu 吴秀珠, Lee Yi Jun 李翊君, Cai Qiu Feng 蔡秋凤performing for a one night only concert at the Resorts World Theatre.

Fang Rui Er, the undisputed Hokkien songs veteran had released countless albums since her days in the entertainment industry.

Having hit songs like 水车姑娘,黑玫瑰,世间人 and more.

Fang sung many Taiwanese drama series songs and had made many song famous.

Wu Xiu Zhu, known to many as the Little Wild Kitten, has an energetic and bubbly stage persona that is liked by many.

Her many hits songs include 一轮明月照花香, 没有留下地址, 飞跃在我心, 桑园 and more.

Lee Yi Jun gained popularity in the Taiwan music industry with her signature song 萍聚when it was released in 1987 and this album sold more than 200 thousand copies.

She is also the voice behind the theme songs of many popular Taiwanese dramas such as婉君, 还珠格格, 雪珂, 星星知我心and more.

She had released more than 50 albums and most of her hit songs are karaoke friendly namely风中的承诺, 沉默的祝福, 七情六欲, 苦海女神龙, 雨蝶, 诺言and more.

Cai Qiu Feng, Taiwan Hokkien songbird, was determined to be an excellent singer after watching her idol Feng Fei Fei 风飞飞 on stage at her young age.

She released her debut album at the age of 13 and had more than 30 albums to her credits with hit songs such as金包银, 算命,醉英雄, 雨水我问你 and more.

Mark the date on your calendar and indulge yourself with a nostalgic night of Hokkien and Chinese classic hits songs..

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