PLAYtime! 2019 Shaggy and the Trims

PLAYtime! 2019 Shaggy and the Trims

PLAYtime! 2019 Shaggy and the Trims.

Synopsis Discover courage, empathy and kindness as your kids navigate life’s big firsts with PLAYtime! 2019! In a town where everyone is trim and tidy, Shaggy is, well… the shaggiest! You see, even though he looks big, and bold, and brave, haircuts terrify him! All that snipping, buzzing, lopping, and chopping just aren't his cup of tea.

But how then will he ever fit in? Does he even want to be like everyone else? When the Notties come in to town to cause trouble, everyone discovers that being different can be a good thing and sometimes, you can fit in in ways that you least expect.

Will Shaggy ever get his haircut? Find out in Shaggy and the Trims, an interactive production about first haircuts, being different and fitting in.

PLAYtime! 2019 Shaggy and the Trims is an Esplanade production..

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