Huayi 华艺节 2019 FOUR FOUR EIGHT 四四八 Emergency Stairs (Singapore) 避难阶段 (新加坡)

Huayi 华艺节 2019 FOUR FOUR EIGHT 四四八 Emergency Stairs (Singapore) 避难阶段 (新加坡)


19 Feb (Tue) - 23 Feb (Sat)

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Standard: S$58^ (This is a durational piece, entry and exit is free and easy.) (这是一次跨越时间限制的体验,您可以自由进出空间。) ^Includes 1 glass of whisky/wine/mocktail, for redemption during the show only. 包括1杯威士忌/红白酒/无酒精鸡尾酒,只限在演出时兑换.


The ExciseMan Whisky Bar Esplanade Mall (#02-27)

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Huayi 华艺节 2019 FOUR FOUR EIGHT 四四八 Emergency Stairs (Singapore) 避难阶段 (新加坡).

Synopsis view in: english simplified chinese “Built to be lonely to love the absent.

Find me Free me from this corrosive doubt futile despair horror in repose.

I can fill my space fill my time but nothing can fill this void in my heart.” – Sarah Kane, 4.48 Psychosis How can one survive and love in a broken world? How do we get along with ourselves? Inspired by British playwright Sarah Kane’s last work 4.48 Psychosis, Young Artist Award recipient Liu Xiaoyi presents FOUR FOUR EIGHT, a brand-new work that leads you into a world, a social construct, where every audience member becomes a participant in a space of gathering and camaraderie; in a place of urban loneliness – the bar.

Taking place in an actual bar, the perceptions of individual audience members are challenged the moment when one enters the performance environment.

Taking in the sights and sounds, each person becomes aware of the presence of self, others, the space, and various activities in the venue.

The experience is an individual realisation, and is up to you to create and dictate.

Singapore theatre company Emergency Stairs has earned a reputation for boundary-pushing works that generate much discourse among its audiences.

Following Offending the Audience in 2017, and Einstein in the Carpark in 2018, FOUR FOUR EIGHT is the third instalment of the company’s Post-Dramatic Series.

With FOUR FOUR EIGHT, together with award-winning artists lighting designer Lim Woan Wen and sound artist Darren Ng, Liu continues to explore the possibilities of, and challenge the limitations of what constitutes a theatre space.

"Please open the curtains." She said.

This performance begins long before you step into the bar.

Small, deliberate moments will connect you with the artist and his inner world.

Through emails and other ephemeral social interactions, you will be drawn into the artist’s processes of creation—the impulses, the loneliness, the struggles, and the triumphs...

and we invite you to be part of the creation process.

Please write to [email protected] with “I want to open the curtains” to get connected, and do remember to attach an image of your ticket.

注定了孤独 注定了爱上虚无 找寻我 释放我 从这 腐蚀的怀疑 无用的绝望 安眠的恐怖之中 我能填补我的空间 填补我的时间 但一切都无法填补我内心的虚空 ——萨拉•凯恩《4.48精神崩溃》 在这个崩坏的世界里,我们该如何生存、如何去爱、如何和自己相处? 启发自英国编剧萨拉 • 凯恩的遗作《4.48精神崩溃》,青年艺术奖得主刘晓义的最新力作《四四八》,将带你走进繁华又寂寞的末日深处——那城市角落里,杯觥交错间充斥着空虚的酒吧。 《四四八》将发生在一间真实的酒吧里。踏入酒吧那一刻开始,《四四八》将带给观众对演出的重新认知,让你能与自己、他人和时空进行深层对话。这是一场探索自我的体验,而体验将由你创作,由你主导。 不断打破剧场规则的剧团《避难阶段》,继2017年的《冒犯观众》和2018年的《爱因与斯坦》之后,带来“后戏剧剧场系列”的第三部作品——《四四八》,由刘晓义携手灯光设计林菀雯和声音设计黄泽晖,继续挑战剧场空间里的无限可能性。 “请打开帷幕。”她说。 这个作品在你进入酒吧之前就已经开始。从现在开始,你与创作者及其内心世界将在一系列的私密互动中建立联系。通过电子邮件和其他社交媒体形式,你将进入创作者的思考过程——冲动,孤独,挣扎,狂欢......

你也将成为这一体验的创作者。 若你准备好进入这个世界,请将“请打开帷幕”一句寄至[email protected](并附上您的演出门票截图).

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