We are Singer-songwriters! • Sarah Cheng-De Winne

We are Singer-songwriters! • Sarah Cheng-De Winne

We are Singer-songwriters! • Sarah Cheng-De Winne.

With humble beginnings as a choir girl, Sarah Cheng-De Winne won her first solo singing competition at the tender age of 14.

Under the informal mentorship of established jazz musicians and musical theatre practitioners in Singapore, Sarah’s love for poetic writing turned into songwriting.

Sarah was inspired after representing Singapore at Voice China (season 2) to create Chinese versions of a few of her songs, collaborating with award-winning Chinese lyricist, Zhang Si'er.

Since 2013, she has been working hard on singing, writing and producing songs in Mandarin while expressing her unique blend of musical influences from jazz, fusion, pop and R&B.

In this showcase, she will be sharing her Mandarin originals from her latest full-length album You See, which was released in 2018..

Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

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