The Unfolding of Time – The Books I Published

The Unfolding of Time – The Books I Published

The Unfolding of Time – The Books I Published.

Singapore writer Wong Koi Tet shares more about his books that were published between the ages of 22 and 45.

From the conceptual thinking, to design and composition, and from the retrospective of the writing process, to the recording of emotional lines, each published book is a unique creation.

About Wong Koi Tet Wong Koi Tet is currently a part-time lecturer with the NTU Chinese department, teaching modern Chinese literature and creative writing courses.

Graduating with a BA from NUS and MA from NTU, he was previously a journalist with a Singapore Chinese newspaper for eight years and has been writing in different literary genres since his junior college years.

He was one of the editors of literary magazine Afterwards in the ’90s.

During this time, he started a film and video production company with friends and scripted a series of tele-movies for Mediacorp Channel 8.

He was appointed as the NTU-NAC Writer-in-residence in the first half of 2015..

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