Old Friends Trilogy

Old Friends Trilogy

Old Friends Trilogy.

Sit back and enjoy three documentaries that will take you down memory lane.

Old Places 老地方 (2010) by Royston Tan, Eva Tang and Victric Thng Old Places shows us oft-forgotten, yet almost immediately familiar areas in Singapore through the eyes of ordinary people.

Prior to the production, members of the public were invited to call in to the radio station to recount their significant memories of places in Singapore—places that will soon disappear or be redeveloped.

These personal stories come alive through the callers’ narration and the stunning visuals that capture the nostalgia and hidden beauty of the places.

Rediscover Singapore and journey to places like a playground in Toa Payoh, a barbershop at Commonwealth Avenue, Capitol cinema, and an unassuming bakery in Whampoa.

Old Places celebrates personal stories of joy, love or loss, and weaves it into a tapestry of memories amounting to a collective and yet typical story of life in Singapore.

Old Romances 老情人 (2012) by Royston Tan, Eva Tang and Victric Thng There is romance in every corner we turn.

In this sequel to the documentary, Old Places, Old Romances takes us on a journey to experience Singapore through the collective voices of ordinary Singaporeans.

Through their voices, we hear personal stories from members of the public who shared their anecdotes on radio.

Everyday spaces come alive with these special memories, which are bonded forever with these places.

Old Romances is a journal of love letters to places that we grew up with.

Old Friends 老朋友 (2015) by Debe Hoo, Boi Kwong, Alvin Lee, Royston Tan Old Friends is the final installation of a highly popular documentary series consisting of Old Places and Old Romances.

In this film, food is the platter on which personal stories of ordinary people from all walks of life are collected, unravelled and served.

Just like an old friend who has shared or weathered significant moments with us, most of us connect to certain foods that comfort us and trigger nostalgic recollections of childhood and growing up.

By compiling these collective voices of Singaporeans, preserving their intimate takes of joys and woes, love and loss, Old Friends offers future generations a scrumptious taste of the past through our binding passion for food..

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