Huayi U Sing – Live Singing Competition

Huayi U Sing – Live Singing Competition

Huayi U Sing – Live Singing Competition.

Are you a king and queen of karaoke? Or can you sing and play an instrument? Level up from singing in the shower and join us at this live singing competition at Huayi! Take the opportunity to sing in front of an audience, accompanied by musicians, and pit your singing skills against your peers! How to participate: Upload a video of yourself singing a Mandarin song on to Facebook or Instagram and #huayi #huayi2019 @huayifestival.

(Do remember to make your post public for us to find it.) Please click on the registration link above to fill in a form after uploading your video so that we can contact you.

Video submission deadline: 26 Jan 2019, 11.59pm.

There is no age restriction to take part in this competition! We welcome your participation as long as you have a passion for performing Mandarin songs.

Selected entries to take part in the competition will be notified by 1 Feb 2019.

Selected participants will be required to attend an arranged rehearsal with musicians prior to the competition.

A panel of judges together with live audience voting will determine the top three singers, who will win prizes prepared by Esplanade.

Terms & Conditions This competition requires you to sing live at Esplanade Concourse, with an acoustic band arranged by the Organiser, The Esplanade Co.

Ltd (TECL).

The Music Director reserves the right to make final decisions on the music arrangement.

The video you submitted for selection to compete should reflect your natural singing ability.

As this competition takes place in a public space, we request that no vulgarities, obscenity, aggression or explicit content be used in any manner.

Participants below 18 years of age shall be required to obtain his/her parent/legal guardian’s consent before participating in the competition.

Participants selected to compete in the finals are required to attend 1 rehearsal session with the musicians before the competition day as well as a sound-check on the competition day.

TECL will arrange and notify you via email of the rehearsal and sound check time if you are selected for the finals.

Selected participants are expected to be punctual for the arranged rehearsal, sound-check and competition reporting time.

Participants who do not turn up by the reporting time given will be disqualified.

TECL reserves the right to decline any registration and disqualify any participant at any time.

TECL reserves the right to cancel the competition at any time.

All matters or decisions relating to this competition, prizes, results and terms and conditions shall be final.

By participating in this competition, all participants agree to fully indemnify TECL, its employees and its agents or otherwise against all liability, injury, losses, damages, and expenses of whatsoever nature arising out of your participation.

By participating in this competition, all participants fully agree and accept the terms and conditions of the competition, including rights for TECL to take photography, audio recording and/or videography during the course of the competition (including rehearsals) for archival, news and publicity purposes which may be used for TV, radio, print and online/digital media platforms.

These Terms & Conditions in English shall take precedence.

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore..

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