Arts @ My Queenstown

Arts @ My Queenstown

Arts @ My Queenstown.

Artsy Avenues @ My Queenstown Artsy Avenues is a sketch walk where participants embark on an immersive walk around Tanglin Halt - one of Singapore's oldest neighbourhoods.

In this community tour, participants return to the basics and discover sketching and drawing techniques from visual artist Tang Ling Nah.

At the end of the tour, participants will create a collaborative artwork and capture the rich cultural heritage of the neighbourhood with their own sketches and drawings.

Lens of the Past Lens of the Past is a photography walk where photography enthusiasts participate in an engaging guided tour around Tanglin Halt - one of Singapore's oldest neighbourhood earmarked for Selective Enbloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) in 2021.

Participants will learn and discover photography techniques from renowned photographer Yeo Wee Han, who had worked with Apple, Changi Airport Group and the Singapore Tourism Board.

The National Arts Council's island-wide network of arts and culture nodes is developed for people to come together to participate in, enjoy, and experience the value of the arts in the neighbourhood.

[email protected] Queenstown by My Community is part of the Arts and Culture Nodes Network..

Others Tanglin Halt.

Meeting Point at Commonwealth MRT Station.

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