[Arts in Your Neighbourhod] District 18 by P7:1SMA

[Arts in Your Neighbourhod] District 18 by P7:1SMA

[Arts in Your Neighbourhod]Rediscover stories of hawkers and market stall owners of a pasar bulat (wet market), its legacy, and its relevance in today’s age of supermarkets.

This interactive contemporary dance performance is set against the backdrop of the Tampines Round Market, and takes inspiration from stories of residents who recount how life in erstwhile Tampines used to be.
A commission forArts in Your Neighbourhood.
P7:1SMA is a contemporary dance company led by Artistic Director Norhaizad Adam.

An experiential space for active negotiation between the traditional and contemporary, it puts forth nuances of Malay embodiment through ideations.

The company creates evocative works that connect and question, as well as investigate human interventions.

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