Arts Trail @ MacPherson!

Arts Trail @ MacPherson!

Arts @ MacPherson is a series of art initiatives which aims to create delight in everyday experiences through pops of unexpected art around the neighbourhood.

From August 2018 to March 2019, MacPherson residents have come together with artists to enliven their public spaces through the co-creation of four community arts projects.

From the everyday to the extraordinary, these permanent creative installations will celebrate MacPherson as they will be inspired by the resident\'s own memories and stories of their neighbourhood.

Sign up for either the Aljunied Crescent Trail (Note: Some parts of the trail may not be ideal for participants with limited mobility requiring assistance) or the Circuit Road Trail (Note: This trail is PWD friendly and suitable for all ages!) Interested to hear from artists and residents themselves on co-creating public artwork for MacPherson? Join us for the inaugural Arts Trail @ MacPherson, where the public will rediscover treasures of the MacPherson neighbourhood and be charmed and inspired by stories from both artists and residents.

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