Published on 26 August 2017

Photo: Messymsxi

Because Art Is Long & Life Is Short

By Pamela Ho

The illustrations were inspired by how stories were traditionally depicted on Chinese porcelain wares. Hence, I used blue acrylic paint and an oval cotton canvas, which resembles a large porcelain platter,” says artist and illustrator Tan Zi Xi of her pair of murals that Red House Seafood commissioned for its new outlet at Clarke Quay. Standing at 2.6 metres by 1.85 metres, the murals took two months to prepare and five full days to complete.

Better known by her artist’s nom de guerre, MessyMsxi, Tan’s mural commissions grace a mix of cafés, restaurants and hospitals around Singapore, and even the Newton Downtown Line MRT station. She has also designed and illustrated a series of characters and prints for the merchandise for Tropicana the Musical. “That was my first involvement with Singapore theatre! I love exploring new projects and mediums,” Tan says. “To me, the narrative always comes first, which then translates to the medium — be it a big or small canvas, paper or fabric, sculpture or installation.”

To find out more about Tan’s work, visit www.messymsxi.com or contact her at [email protected].

Photo: Messymsxi
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