Epilogue – Jan 2018

Published on 26 December 2017

Photo: Pew Pew Patches

Iron-on patches were hot once. They’re probably being kept alive by backpackers who collect them on travels. But these retro gems are being reinterpreted in the voice of millennials today by Pew Pew Patches, founded by Dawn Bey and Danny Kostianos.

“The whole idea of mass-produced clothes made me wonder how I could customise and show my personality through my daily wear,” says Bey, a fashion designer. “I remember seeing images of people in the 1980s using patches on their clothing to show allegiance to bands, rock-stars or football teams. That excited me!”

While these iron-on patches are for fabrics, all the designs are also available as stickers and pins. “We try to make references to Singapore culture or to things in our daily life that are often overlooked, and make witty comments on them through our designs.”

Find out more at their website, Facebook page or @pewpewpatches (Instagram).

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