“Canada people love Lulu! Tangs, tangs!”

Published on 17 March 2017

Photo: Huat Films

Singapore’s multi-hyphenate star Michelle Chong has just picked up her first film award for directing Lulu The Movie.

Chong not only directed but also wrote the screenplay and starred in the film, which is based on a character she created for The Noose, the popular comedy series on MediaCorp’s Channel 5.

The Canada International Film Festival is held in Vancouver, and showcases independent productions from over 90 countries.

Michelle Chong told The A List: “I’m elated! So is Lulu! We are deeply moved that the Canadians appreciate my artistic vision and Lulu’s English. I hope to continue creating new characters for my Youtube channel –The Michelle Chong Channel. Please subscribe if you want to see more dramatic work by me!”

In the meantime, heartiest congratulations!

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