Published on 1 March 2017

Photo: Yew Jiajun

Local filmmaker Boo Junfeng’s film installation Mirror (2013) has been selected for Art Basel Hong Kong under its Film sector.

Mirror is a two-channel video projection originally commissioned by the Singapore Art Museum for the President’s Young Talents 2013 exhibition. It eventually won the joint Grand Prize.

The work was inspired by a visit to Bukit Brown Cemetery, which was then being exhumed. One mirror features a present-day soldier serving the Armed Forces while the other mirror serves the Malayan Communist Party from the past. This presentation of dual realities with two screens drive home the point that our present and future are tied to the past.

Boo is considered one of Singapore’s most promising young filmmakers, and his works have won awards from film festivals around the world. He also received NAC’s Young Artist Award in 2009.

The Film sector in Art Basel features short and feature-length films and is curated by Li Zhenhua, Director and Founder of Beijing Art Lab. Mirror will be presented by Pearl Lam Galleries.

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