Backstage with Project Plait

Published on 21 July 2018

Backstage with Project Plait.jpg

Ahead of showtime, Naomi Tan, dancer and choreographer of food x dance performance A Samsui Love Story, offers a glimpse into the world of blocking, timing, emotional cues and “working the room”.

“Many people feel that contemporary dance is too abstract to understand, so I wanted to create something that would make dance-watching an engaging experience for everyone, regardless of whether they are dance or arts enthusiasts or not. Both the food and dance provide and add context to each other, giving guests different gateways to understand the common theme of the show and also to appreciate the two art forms.”
– Naomi Tan, Founder of Project Plait

*A Samsui Love Story danced to a full house for four nights. Tickets were sold out ahead of time.*

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