Arts Aloud – July

Published on 26 June 2017

Discover how the arts have made a change in the lives of some of our fellow everyday Singaporeans.

“I first came across Singaporean photographer Nguan’s works on Facebook. I am not an ‘arty’ person, but I love pastels, so I started following him. When he announced that he was having his first local gig, I was thrilled! In April, I went for his solo exhibition held at FOST Gallery, Gillman Barracks. That was actually my first time attending a photo exhibition. I was drawn to the theme — ‘How Loneliness Goes’ — and certainly felt it resonate with today’s generation. I feel Nguan managed to capture loneliness and life in general with a certain lightness, through the pastel tone of his photographs. I read his guest book: many visitors left encouraging messages and heart-warming stories of their lives, sharing how much they related to his works. I left the exhibition feeling uplifted!”


“Some recent arts events I checked out include the Affordable Art Fair in April, and a photo exhibition entitled, In Their Own Words, at The Arts House
in May. The exhibition featured 10 men and women advancing the cause of gender equality through their own professions, passions and aspirations. I work in the non-profit sector, so I’m aware of the many amazing leaders and activists often profiled in the media. But I realise very few platforms are given to everyday individuals who inspire extraordinary change in our community. Even though everyone’s journey was different, their objective was the same — empowerment. The exhibition inspired me to have more in-depth conversations with people of all backgrounds because you never know when a story will change your life. I hope to find more of such events that are both beautiful to view and inspiring! ”


“ I play a percussion instrument called the darbuka and joined DarbukaSG, a community of Middle-Eastern drumming enthusiasts in Singapore. We meet regularly to network and share our thoughts and experiences on hand-drumming. Recently, a couple of members planned a music learning trip to Jakarta, and I decided to go because I’d get the opportunity to learn from one of the best players in the world — the legendary Luthfi Ghostfingers! From this inaugural camp, I picked up proper techniques, learnt some exotic drumming rhythms, and also how to apply some helpful exercises we were taught. It has inspired me to take my drumming skills to another level and to explore my creativity through creating my own beats, phrases and tones. Drumming is not difficult to pick up — even for children. I hope to share my love of drumming with everyone in Singapore. ”


“ As part of a school assignment, we had to put together and publish our own magazine. I went for the Singapore Art Book Fair at Gillman Barracks hoping to draw inspiration from the various zine makers. My first experience of the fair was actually last year, when I learnt about it from a Facebook post. I’ve since fallen in love with our local artists! I’m amazed by what they can do, and wanted to know and see more. From this fair, I realised that print is not dying! It’s heartening to know that several zines were sold out at the event and pre-orders had to be taken. This has inspired me to never stop creating and to see life as art, as — quoting writer Kurt Vonnegut — a “very human way to make life more bearable”. Next on my bucket list: Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition at the National Gallery Singapore. ”



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