Arts Aloud – Jan 17

Published on 23 December 2016

James Tay 40, Arts Administrator

“ My first contact with the arts was in 1994 when I watched Longing by TheatreWorks at Fort Canning.

I was 17 and had to save my pocket money to watch it. I didn’t know what to expect watching a show outdoors, but it left me with a notion that theatre can be everywhere. Years later, at the Singapore Arts Festival 2011, I had the good fortune to work with Jeremiah Choy, the late Christina Sergeant, and a cast of 15 others in The Conference of the Birds. It was an outdoor performance at the Esplanade Park, and it was beautiful — seeing a play unfolding on the open-air stage against our commercial skyline in the Central Business District.

The arts brings out a certain sensitivity, a hidden nugget of emotion, in everyone. I think we very much need this in today’s world where reactions are in text messages and emoticons.”

PHOTO: Ki’ern Tan

Fangying Ang 23, Communications Specialist

“ I’ve attended many spoken word poetry events at Artistry Cafe, but spoken word plus theatre? This is definitely the first. I decided to catch House Party because I’d read that this spoken word show was inspired by an article about how people in Japan register for courses and examinations to host house parties! I just came back from a trip to Japan and really liked how the country is full of surprises — the people, culture, and the creative scene. But it’s easy to forget how Singapore can surprise me too, if I allow it.

I thoroughly enjoyed House Party — it was witty, confessional and completely hilarious. I definitely laughed way too loud at certain scenes! Plus, they made a salted-egg reference — what more can I ask for? ”

Chan Meiyi 20s, NUS Law Student

“ I have a soft spot for Chinese brush paintings. I’ve been interested in Chinese history and culture since I was a child. The contemporary works that I like (many by Singaporean painters) tend to be in a similar style — bold brush strokes in blacks and greys, with spots of colour adding life to the scene. It was only after visiting the Wu Guanzhong Gallery at the National Gallery Singapore that I realised they were all influenced by Wu’s distinctive style and innovation.

Taking time to appreciate art in a museum has translated into learning how to take time to appreciate the little things — which is a wonderful thing. From an interest that grew from exposure to various art forms, I’ve taken short courses in graphic design, calligraphy and photography; and dabbled in theatre — which hones storytelling skills and comes in handy when I have to craft a moving argument as a law student.”

Danny Raven Tan 49, Painter & Designer

“ Art Stage 2017 will be happening in Singapore this month. I remember walking into my first Art Stage fair in 2011. It was visually and spiritually provocative. I could feel the pulsating heartbeat of each and every piece of work!

I’ve always loved to draw. The anticipation of translating your emotions and ideas onto a white piece of canvas is both exciting and nerve-racking! Two years ago, I gave up my job at LASALLE College of the Arts and set up The Tiffin Gallery — located in an HDB flat in the heartlands of Ang Mo Kio — and gave my dream of being a painter, a writer and an actor another shot. I enjoy being lost in this uncertain journey of timeless space; and I love to experiment and push boundaries. ”


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