Published on 11 December 2017

George Wong, Chairman of The Hong Kong Parkview Group and an avid art collector, passed away on 2 December 2017.

Wong was a prominent figure in Asian arts scene as a passionate collector of contemporary art, including Salvador Dali sculptures. He was also a National Museum of China Research Fellow, the National Art Museum of China’s Chief International Consultant and a China Literature and Art Foundation Director.

Wong set up Parkview Museum Singapore, a free private museum, earlier this year at the third level of Parkview Square. Some of the works displayed there are from his personal art collection. He believed that art of all creed and culture should be made accessible to the public, and that art is a vital part of a modern society’s education. As such, he was known generously supporting the development of Chinese contemporary art and artists for decades.

In recent years, Wong dedicated more time to philanthropic activities and donated artwork to museum, galleries, universities and other public educational institutions. He was also committed to environmental protection and set up scholarships to help students in need.

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