Published on 1 November 2017

Every year, the National Arts Council (NAC) empowers artists and arts organisations across a variety of fields through a funding infrastructure.

These are the FY18 grants available for application now:

Seed Grant: Supports new or emerging not-for-profit arts organisations kick-start programmes and formalise operations.

Major Company Scheme: Supports professional and artistic development of registered arts organisations in Singapore.

Creation Grant: Supports the creation, adaptation and re-development of distinctive artistic content.

Production Grant: Supports the production, presentation and marketing costs of arts-related projects.

Presentation and Participation Grant: Enable arts practitioners and organisations to express and enrich Singapore’s artistic diversity, as well as to increase arts appreciation and participation.

Market and Audience Development: Supports activities to build audiences, patrons and supporters in the arts.

Capability Development Grant: Encourages and supports the continuous professional development of people who work in Singapore’s art and culture sector.

Research Grant: Supports research which expands our knowledge and information of the arts and culture sector.

Arts Fund: Support artists and arts companies that produce good quality performances and exhibitions for Singaporeans.

Traditional Arts Repository: Supports traditional arts groups in digitising and documenting materials of historical value to preserve Singapore’s artistic legacy.

Submission deadlines are from 2 January 2018. Click here for more information.

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