A Showcase Of Young Talent

Published on 9 January 2017

From 19 – 31 January 2017, 12 young artists mentored by NAC’s Noise Art Mentorship will take over parts of Waterloo Centre to present their fresh new ideas for encountering space. Here are four artworks from Noise Art Mentorship Showcase: Proposals for Waterloo that have caught our eye.


Photo: National Arts Council

Jalan Nan Jauh (Far Distant), 2016-17
Fajrina Razak (mentored by Speak Cryptic)

This artwork comprises 9 sets of contemporary batik paintings inspired by Banyumas, a regency in Central Java where the Razak’s ancestors originate. Viewers are invited to pass in between the paintings so as to experience a short journey of the artist’s identity.

Photo: National Arts Council

Lost in the midst of time
Kayleigh Goh (mentored by Melissa Tan)

Inspired by the cracks and peeling paint around Waterloo Centre, Goh uses construction materials and debris as both canvas and paint for this installation to convey the impermanence of structures around us.

Photo: National Arts Council
Photo: National Arts Council

Transit, 2016-17
Rifiq Amirul (mentored by Speak Cryptic)

This installation examines the void deck as a form of overlooked space with multiple purposes. Amirul creates an in-between space within this in-between space by using a zone of metallic foil curtains that is mobile and porous.

Photo: National Arts Council

My Account of being Nowhere (Try again, again.), 2016-17
Tan Luo Yi (mentored by Melissa Tan)

This sculptural installation, constructed out of fishing nets, white glue and found materials, explores physical discomfort and emotional claustrophobia in expressing the artist’s conflicted concept of home.

Noise Art Mentorship Showcase: Proposals for Waterloo will take place from 19 – 31 January 2017 at Waterloo Centre. For more details, visit Noise Singapore.

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