Published on 17 December 2017

Mach 5. Courtesy of Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

Find out all the fun that is in store at the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival!  


There’s plenty to do at Singapore’s biggest carnival over at Marina Bay! The fairground spans over 25,000 square metres (equivalent to 3.5 football fields). Over there, you’ll find over 40 rides and games brought in by overseas fairground experts from UK, Germany and Italy to excite the whole family!

For a scenic spin, hop on the Star Flyer to enjoy an uninhibited 360˚ view of the Singapore skyline. If you need something more hardcore, don’t miss out the thrilling Mach 5, a 55-metre structure that rotates up to a speed of 96 km/hour (tip: go for this before eating). There is also an array of rides just for kids, such as the Shark Coaster, a “beginner’s” rollercoaster ride and Jungle River, a boat ride which ends with a big splash. There also over 30 carnival game stalls with 1.2 million plush toys up for grabs!

If you need some downtime while having so much fun at the carnival, you can always chill out with live music from popular local musicians such as Disco Hue and The LionCityBoy, as well as plenty of food options ranging from gourmet baos to warm melted raclette.

The Great European Carnival Rides (Courtesy of Prudential Marina Bay Carnival)
The Great European Carnival Rides (Courtesy of Prudential Marina Bay Carnival)
Star Flyer. (Courtesy of Prudential Marina Bay Carnival)


Mr Frederick Stokes Jr, one of the showmen involved in the Carnival. (Courtesy of Prudential Marina Bay Carnival)
Carnival-goers enjoying themselves with the Mini Hoop the Block (Courtesy of Prudential Marina Bay Carnival)
Carnival-goers enjoying themselves on the Star Flyer (Courtesy of Prudential Marina Bay Carnival)

Have you ever wondered who keeps the carnival running like a clockwork? Meet Frederick Stokes Jr from Scotland! He is part of the sixth generation of his family that works at carnivals. In fact, his predecessors used to bring the steam-driven carousel all over Europe. Since he was 16, he has travelled to Dubai, Thailand, Oman and China. This is his first time in Singapore and he’s brought some of his best rides to the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival. Let Fred tell you more!

What does your job involve?

I build, maintain, operate and produce carnival rides and attractions. For this carnival in Singapore, my two brothers and I have brought in the Euro Coaster, Mach 5, Shark Coaster, Rockin Tug, Dodgems, Jungle River, Star Flyer, Star Flyer and Tea Cups.

What’s your favourite ride at the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival?

It would have to be the Mach 5 because of its sheer intensity, noise and size. It is an absolute head-turner and everyone is in awe of it.

What made you want to work in your family’s carnival business?

Traditionally, we keep this business within the family and pass this lifestyle down from generation to generation. When I was 16, I went to Dubai to work at a carnival and going to such a new territory felt exciting. Five years later, I was running my own event in Dubai!

What is your favourite carnival experience so far?

There was one Christmas we were working at a carnival in Thailand and it was overwhelmingly wonderful to see such a huge crowd excited about our event.

What advice would you give on getting the most out of a carnival experience?

Expect to be wowed, excited and be ready to create memories you will never forget. The carnival is for all ages, so we want to see families with the old and young enjoying this together.

Singapore’s Largest Carnival

🎉Gather your family and friends for a day of fun at Singapore’s largest carnival, the Marina Bay Carnival now til 1 April 2018! Here’s a sneak peek of some of the exhilarating rides, games and exciting programmes assembled from different parts of the world, from carnival games and special music performances to roller coasters! 😍 ✨
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The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival is on till 1 April 2018. Admission is free, but credits for rides and games have to be purchased on-site or online. Click here for more information.

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