7 Reasons to bring the arts closer to your children this June

Published on 30 May 2018

By: Andre Frois

With the June school holidays just round the corner, now’s the perfect time to get your child involved in the arts and open up a new world of play! Through interactive installations, theatrical productions and hands-on classes, keep your kiddos entertained and bond with them in new and meaningful ways with A List!



Grow their confidence at Act3i Festival for Children

Where: Asian Civilisations Museum, ACT 3 Theatre and ACT 3 Drama Academy
When: 22 May to 3 June
Age group: 0 to 5 years old

Boost your child’s self-confidence and imaginative skills by signing them up for drama workshops and interactive performances at the Act3i Festival for Children. For the more adventurous, the festival has organised The Jungle Book, which is a series of parent-and-child drama workshops for children and babies as young as 7 months! Bond with your baby through sensory play by letting them touch and feel Mowgli’s jungle. From the rustling of leaves to the sounds of animals in the distance, spark their sense of imagination through this experiential workshop!

For energetic kids between the ages of 3 and 4, check out Kaa’s Hunting workshop where your tots will learn the value of cooperation and basic drama skills by acting as one of the animals in the jungle!

If your child prefers something a little more introspective, immerse him or her in the enchanting tale of Paperbelle. Paperbelle likes her world in black and white; however, this is set to change when she encounters the colours, who want her to join in their fun and games. This interactive performance teaches children basic colour science.


For more information, click here.



Give your kids more reasons to love art at 100 and 100 More

Where: The Artground at Goodman Arts Centre
When: 25 May to 3 June
Age group: 0 to 8 years old

Held by The Artground, this 10-day fiesta features a variety of children’s productions from around the world, as well as non-ticketed interactive arts installations, workshops and other fun fringe events!

Highlights include a playful, interactive cardboard exhibition that includes a wheelchair-accessible obstacle course by arts movement SuperHero Me, a smart playspace for small children called [email protected] and theatre performances for children of all ages (including ones for babies as young as 1 month old!) Children can also take part in free caricature and face-painting sessions or check out arts & crafts workshops that will engage their creative senses (S$10 a session for non-festival ticket holders, and S$5 for festival ticket holders).

All of the events and performances at 100 and 100 More are designed to stir the curiosity of young visitors and encourage creative play through the arts.


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Image courtesy of Spare Parts Puppet Theatre


Explore the unconventional at Esplanade’s Flipside

Where: Esplanade
When: 25 May to 3 June
Age group: 4 and up

Participate in the process of making music and interact with giant puppets when you walk through Flipside. “Flipside is a festival of arts performances and experiences for the adventurous or the uninitiated. It invites you to play, imagine and consider different ways of seeing and thinking. It is about flipping one’s conventional idea of what the arts can be and the festival seeks to present works and artists that spark curiosity and ignite the imagination,” explains Shireen Abdullah, a producer at The Esplanade. Experience a musical in total darkness, enter an interactive sound-maze, or meet a larger-than-life roving tree puppet during this quirky 10-day festival. With over 200 installations, performances and activities that will make up Flipside’s ‘art-cade’, open the doors of imagination with your children at this unconventional arts festival!


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Image courtesy of the National Gallery


Enter a wondrous dreamland at the National Gallery’s Small Big Dreamers

Where: National Gallery Singapore
When: 9 June to 9 September
Age group: 6 to 12 years old

This experiential exhibition invites children to dream big and discover the different facets of the arts through movement, shapes and colour play. This edition of National Gallery Singapore’s bi-yearly Children’s Festival shines the spotlight on performance artist Lee Wen, who enjoys creating art from everyday objects. Walk through his world by exploring 5 different interactive installations, and come away with a new take on art! After taking in the exhibitions, get your creative juices flowing and participate in a family art workshop that is sure to give you new and unforgettable memories with your kid! From creating your own art pieces using pool noodles, to charcoal art workshops for kids in their tweens, there’s many ways to get hands-on with art this June at the National Gallery.


For more information, click here.


Image courtesy of the Asian Civilisations Museum


Celebrate Hari Raya at [email protected] – Search of the New Moon

Where: Asian Civilisations Museum

When: 30 June

Age group: 4 and up

Every last Saturday of the month, the Asian Civilisations Museum hosts a family-friendly programme where families can enjoy hands-on activities, interactive performances and storytelling. This June, celebrate Hari Raya with your kids and let them try their hand at Indonesian crafts, or partake in an interactive drama at this family-friendly party inspired by the new moon. And if after these celebrations your kids are still game for more, stop by ACM’s newest Cambodian themed exhibit, Angkor: Exploring Cambodia’s Sacred City, and discover the history behind these majestic ancient temples without ever needing a plane ticket! Kids can even collect a fun pack with “passports” where they stamp their mark on various checkpoints in the exhibit with fun stickers. The fun pack also comes with an exhibition activity guide, which will encourage kids to explore the exhibit and glean new facts about Cambodian culture from the prompts provided!


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Image courtesy of the National Museum


Play as a family at the National Museum’s The More We Get Together: Singapore’s Playgrounds 1930 – 2030

Where: National Museum of Singapore
When: 20 April to 30 September
Age group: All ages

See the playgrounds of the past, present and the future at the National Museum’s The More We Get Together: Singapore’s Playgrounds 1930 – 2030. Show your children a slice of your childhood and get them to experience bouncy inflatable playgrounds based on the iconic Dragon playground of the 1970s. After this blast from the past, get a glimpse of the future on a trail that invites participants to envision what Singaporean playgrounds of the future will look like.

Or if your kid likes games like SimCity, let them try their hand at making their own playground on a touch-screen and see their creations projected onto a video wall. Their entries will also be a part of Singapore’s social history as their designs will be analysed and contribute towards the design of a new playground that will be built at the National Museum of Singapore!


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Image courtesy of Objectifs


Become a photo pro at Objectif’s School Holiday Workshops

Where: Objectifs
When: Various dates
Age group: 8 to 16 years old

If your older ones love the media, why not let them try their hand at creating their own films or photography? As an arts institution dedicated to photography and film, Objectifs invites young people aged 8 to 16 to indulge their inner shutterbugs this June holidays. The Future of Filmmaking Holiday Camp invites aspiring videographers to learn how to make music videos, 360-degree films as well as virtual and augmented reality films. Objectifs will also be organising a Young Photographers Camp which will impart insightful knowledge of how to tell stories by photographing toys, using photograph light paintings, conducting pinhole photography and making a ‘photo-zine’.


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