Published on 18 June 2017

Photo: Sliding Doors Entertainment Pte Ltd

Quebec-based theatrical circus Cirque du Soleil will be back in Singapore for the fifth time this July! This time round, they’ll be presenting KOOZA, a production which combines acrobatic performance with the art of clowning.

A few performers from its 50-member troupe take some time to tell us more about what it takes to prepare for their breathtaking and death-defying circus acts.


Laura Kmetko, 33 - Acrobat Australia

Photo: Sliding Doors Entertainment Pte Ltd

“I’ll be performing aerial and group acrobatics in the charivari opening act, where I will flip somersaults on a trampoline-like tarpaulin and climb on top of a six-metre pole carried on the chest of another acrobat. Training takes place twice a week for two hours each time. I also go for Pilates and stretching exercises with our physiotherapists to work on core and leg strength. I also am going for acting classes. Being a Cirque performer requires total dedication, commitment to your team and openness to humanity.”

Paul Butler, 34 - Drummer Australia

“I play the drums with the band and I help to set the mood and energy for each act in the show. There’s a drum feature where I take centrestage – I love that as it allows me the opportunity to be creative and engage with the audience. On most days, I practice for a couple of hours, whether it is general conditioning or developing new ideas. Every day, there is a sound check with the band 1.5 hours before the show. As a Cirque musician, it’s important that I love what I do. It takes passion, talent, commitment and flexibility to make things work.”

Talita De Lima, 27 - Acrobat Brazil

Photo: Sliding Doors Entertainment Pte Ltd

“I’m involved with the Teeterboard act where I jump off the board and land on the male performers. I like to shout after my jump because I want to share my energy and joy with the audience. Working at Cirque means that you are not just a good performer, but a good artist as well. I train twice a week for 1.5 hours for this act but also do other forms of exercise to keep in shape.”

Ronald Solis Montes, 34 Stunt - Artist Columbia

Photo: Sliding Doors Entertainment Pte Ltd

I’m performing for the Wheel of Death act. My favourite part is when I’m running outside of the wheel – I can really feel the audience’s tension then. This act requires strength, courage, enthusiasm and thinking quickly on your feet. There’s a lot of running and cardio training involved because of the nature of my Wheel of Death act. I also do a mixture of light and heavy weights as the wheels used for this act are 800kg.

Watch how all their hard work unfolds in this promo video:

Cirque du Soleil’s KOOZA will be in Singapore from 12 July 2017 at Bayfront Avenue beside Marina Bay Sands. Click here for more information.

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