Six in 10 Singaporeans consume music daily, reveals national survey

Published on 29 November 2017

The first National Music Consumption Survey sheds lights on how Singaporeans consume music and their perceptions of homegrown music.

Music plays a big part in Singaporeans’ lives. Of the 1,000 people surveyed, 62 percent said they listen to music daily. While older listeners are more likely to set aside time to listen for relaxation, younger listeners listen to music while multi-tasking and prefer greater control over their content. They curate their personal music libraries and subscribe to specific paid streaming services, while older listeners tend to be more passive, preferring to tune in to FM radio.

Singaporeans access music mostly through offline music libraries, offline radio, and online music videos. As for discovering new music, nine in 10 say they do so through offline channels like radio, TV shows/movies/musicals, and personal recommendations; while five in 10 – with a skew towards youths, aged 15 to 24 – cite online channels, most commonly online videos.

The National Music Consumption Survey, commissioned by the National Arts Council (NAC), is the first survey conducted on a national scale to get a sense of trends in music consumption and perceptions of Singaporean music. Door-to-door interviews were conducted from May to June 2017 on a representative sample of 1,000 Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. NAC hopes to conduct such a survey every two years to track trends.

“This type of information, on a national scale, does not exist. When we’re looking at our music policy for the next few years, we felt what was missing was really data. We need to know beyond the anecdotal and the gut feel, what exactly people are consuming and how they’re consuming it,” says Kok Tse Wei, NAC’s Deputy Director of Sector Development (Music), adding that the industry was consulted in the process.

As for Singaporeans’ attitudes towards and consumption of homegrown music, seven in 10 say they do listen to Singaporean music, with one in three actually seeking it out. For those who don’t, reasons cited include not being exposed to or not being aware of Singaporean music and music talents, or just a personal preference for international music.

To increase exposure and accessibility to homegrown music and musicians – especially among younger listeners – NAC will be partnering music media company, Bandwagon, to launch an online platform, Hear65, in the first quarter of 2018.

“Hear65 is a national movement to raise awareness and interest in Singapore music. Part of it will comprise an online platform, which is where we ply our trade every day, talking about stories in the music space. We will spotlight Singapore artists and present them in such a way that is accessible to the target audience which we have identified through this survey,” says Clarence Chan, Founder of Bandwagon, adding that they are currently looking for partners – corporates, brands and media – to come on board to support this movement.

A summary of the key survey findings is available here.

Credit: National Arts Council
Credit: National Arts Council
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