Play Packet

Published on 26 March 2017

Photo: Ching/Green Plastic Soldiers

Because art is long & life is short.


Chinese New Year may be over, but ang pows (red packets) never go out of season — with birthdays, weddings, and everything in between! But for that zany colleague or friend, don’t you sometimes wish there was something less serious? The founders of rudepackets — Hon Jing Yi, Jill Quek and Tony Tan — certainly believe a little irreverent, uniquely Singaporean humour won’t harm. “We settled on the words fairly quickly because Jill and I are annoying people by nature,” says Hon, a journalist by day. “We did come up with a few R-rated taglines, but we can’t share them here.”

“When I first started designing them, I tried out some garish, rude illustrations. But we realised it was funnier when the taglines were contrasted with a subtle, clean design — it made them unexpectedly silly,” adds designer, Quek. These rudepackets double up as greeting cards, with additional space on the back to scribble personalised naughty notes to friends!

All three designs are on sale at Naiise. Find out more at

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