Inclusive Children’s Book “The Rain Tree” Launched

Published on 4 September 2017

“The Rain Tree” is a picture book written by local author Lee Seow Ser. It is an original tale that celebrates the beauty of trees and the bond between a mother and a child, and revolves around a boy called Chong who retreats to a secret place after quarrelling with his brother.

This is Lee’s second children’s picture book published by Helang Books. She leads a socially inclusive ground-up book project To S.I.R (Socially Inclusive Reads) with Love under this publishing firm.

The book is set in a dyslexia-friendly font, and there is also a special Braille edition for blind children to enjoy. The first 600 copies of the first print was supported by NAC and gifted to schools, libraries, and children-centric beneficiaries. The current 2nd print is sponsored by Perennial, an integrated real estate and healthcare company, and proceeds from the sale of this batch of books will go towards Focus on the Family’s CREATE WITH MUM programme, a mother-child bonding initiative.

“I hope the book can help to promote and spread the love of nature, the importance of family and parent-child relationships, as well as raise awareness of the need to have more socially inclusive books,” says Lee.

Click here to buy a copy of this book.

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