Exploring Art At The Keppel Centre For Art Education

Published on 21 April 2018

By Damelza Olsen

If you’re looking to engage in activities with the kids that don’t involve laser tag or amusement parks, the National Gallery (which houses the Keppel Centre For Art Education) is a prime choice for a fun afternoon for the entire family. Its exploratory installations will get creative juices flowing and keep the kids occupied while they learn about art and its many facets.

Sneak in some education as the children explore and interact with art installations inspired by the works of exceptional artists; Han Sai Por, Tang Ling Nah and Betty Susiarjo! Then get the family in on the action and participate in a workshop with the kids, inspired by one of the Gallery’s current exhibitions.

Art Corridor

Get your kids inspired with Han Sai Por’s sculpture Tetrahedron-tetrahedron Interpenetration. This arts piece brings to mind magnetic tiles, old-fashioned five stones and a tangram all rolled into one giant show piece! Create a plethora of designs – limited only by your child’s imagination – with the colourful magnetic plushies along the corridor leading up to the Keppel Centre For Art Education.

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Art Playscape

Discover this wondrous city of optical illusions, and explore the relationship between light, space and sound. Let your child’s imagination run wild when they walk through the installation – encourage your child to build their very own cities and watch as their faces light up with wonder as the city landscapes evolve with every move they make in the light and shadow displays of the Wandering in Black and White by award-winning artist Tang Ling Nah.

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Project Gallery

Step into a world of make-believe in The Blue Who Swims All This Way, a sensory play room designed by artist Betty Susiarjo. The installation looks like arts & craft work gone wild, with colourful shapes, textures and materials all jumping at you to get your attention. Massive huggable structures hang invitingly from the ceiling for kids to interact with, so the whole room feels like an aquatic wonderland! The walls are adorned with intricate yarn, and raffia craft that are designed to fascinate your little ones. Soft sounds of waves caressing the shore also ignite auditory senses to give your child the full sensory experience.

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Children's Museum Workshop

In an age where printing is a simplistic action of a blank piece of paper going in one end of a machine and coming out the other, the Children’s Museum Workshop brings back the fundamentals of printing through the use of paper and stamps. Children will get to try their hand at basic print-making all on their own. With stamps inspired by artworks in the National Gallery to choose from, the young ones will be able to create a piece that’s uniquely their own.

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Children's Museum

What is ceramics? At the Children’s Museum, explore an artist’s workshop and create a ceramic decorative vessel! Model, dry and fire up clay in minutes at the interactive station and watch it come to life. You can also send your child’s clay creation directly to your inbox.

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The Keppel Centre for Art Eduation is located within the National Gallery at 1 St. Andrew’s Rd, Singapore 178957

Tickets: Admission is free for Singaporeans & PRs, Standard Tickets S$20, concessions apply.

Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 10am – 7pm, Sun: 10am – 9pm.

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