june, 2017

5jun - 7jun 510:00 amjun 7Young Photographers CampObjectifs10:00 am - 1:00 pm (7) 155 Middle Road, 188977

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Calling all aspiring young shutterbugs! Explore photography during the upcoming school holidays with our Young Photographers Camp.

Through this series of workshops, participants will learn photography fundamentals and experience photography as an avenue for visual storytelling and creative self-expression.

These workshops are recommended for ages 10 to 14. No prior experience is required, and all materials will be provided. Participants can bring their own cameras if they wish.

WORKSHOP A: Introduction to Photography / 5 Jun, Mon, 10am – 1pm

There’s more to photography than just pointing and shooting. In this workshop, we will start by discussing what makes an interesting image. Then, we’ll get hands-on, using DSLR cameras to learn how aperture, ISO, exposure and shutter speed affect images, and learn useful composition techniques. Once we’ve learnt the rules, it’s time to get creative and break them! We will practise shooting in and around Objectifs, and learn from each other by reviewing our photographs.

WORKSHOP B: Storytelling with Your Toys / 6 Jun, Tues, 10am – 1pm

What is visual storytelling? In this workshop, we will look at photo stories and learn how to plan a photo story. Using toys and our environment, we will practise making a photo story, and edit our completed stories together to see how we can make them more interesting. Don’t hesitate to bring along your favourite toys! After this workshop, you’ll be equipped with basic skills to tell photo stories about the world around you.

WORKSHOP C: Light Painting / 7 Jun, Wed, 10am – 1pm

Did you know you can ‘paint’ with light? In this workshop, we will look at how light is captured when we use different shutter speeds on a camera. This is known as long exposure photography. We will learn about the role of light in photography, and how to set up a camera on a tripod. Then, it’s time to use your imagination to ‘paint’ what you’d like, and capture it on camera!

Ticket Price: $60/workshop, $150 for all 3


5 (Monday) 10:00 am - 7 (Wednesday) 1:00 pm



155 Middle Road, 188977

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